Wednesday, November 4, 2009

half and half night

Well well well....We got the 2 key Governor races secured with Bob McConnell of Virginia, and Chris Christie in New Jersey

Also, Gay Marriage was repealed in Maine. Nice to know folks speak up for the marriage of a man to a woman these days

On the California front, a local personality for us in Solano County, a fantastic woman by the name of Catherine "Cat" Moy

a new comer to Fairfield City Council, with a solid background, came in 2nd place (by maybe 50+ votes over her 3rd place competitor), which was acceptable to gain the seat considering 2 seats were open and the 1st place guy was a retired cop whom she knew and endorsed, also having the endorsement of him as well

The other candidate, in my hometown, my neighbor, despite being an ironic liberal who fought in Vietnam, is a decent man..if politically misguided, ran for Solano County Board of Education. I voted for him as well. I believe he received 57% of the vote and certainly won.

So, the winners of the night are supporters of Bob McConnell in Virginia, Chris Christie supporters in New Jersey, intelligent anti-gay marriage voters in Maine, and us here at home supporting Cat and those who supported my neighbor for Solano School Board

Now for the bad news...voters stupidly elected that bonehead John Garamendi in the 10th California Congressional District..

another local personality I know, by the name of Jubal Biggs, who was running for a spot on the Benecia City Council lost hard..

Lastly, New York 23rd Congressional district was handed to the Democrat because of a wolf in sheep's clothing RINO named Dede Scozzafava...and what's funny is Madame Queen Pelosi says "they won"...please