Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boehner statement

House Minority Leader John Boehner, aside from saying the amnesty bill is a "piece of shit", remarked on a resolution for (uncle tom) Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel to be removed

“Working families across America are struggling in today’s economy, and they need to have confidence that the individual in charge of the House’s tax-writing panel is following the laws the committee is charged with crafting and overseeing. It is improper for Rep. Rangel to remain in a position with such vast power and influence while serious questions about his official conduct continue to multiply and go unanswered. Several weeks ago I wrote a letter to Rep. Rangel asking him to step aside while the Ethics Committee conducts its investigation. He has not done so, and his fellow Democrats have voted to protect him every step of the way.

“When Democrats took the majority, Speaker Pelosi promised the most ‘open and ethical’ Congress in history. Given the nature and severity of the charges against Rep. Rangel, I would urge all my colleagues, Democrat and Republican, to do the right thing and support the Carter resolution next week.”

I wonder why that is?

Narcissist in chief..

I'm getting quite tired of the over abundantly seen "Obama show"..

produced and edited by Bob

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More on "IronMan 2"

is it the 2010 release of "IronMan 2" yet?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can we get some transparency please?

Still waiting, Obama, still waiting...

Ben Stein destroys James Carville

Republican funny-man Ben Stein rips Socialist strategist James Carville a new one..

Who now has egg on their face?

who also wishes he didn't look like a shriveled up prune?

I also wonder if Carville is paying attention in Ben Stein's classroom?


Monday, September 21, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More hypocrisy from the left

More from the vast spoiled brat, left-wing conspiracy

isn't hypocrisy fun? it goes BOTH ways

How do YOU know?

Do you know if you're a natural born citizen? Molotov Mitchell looks to find the answer if he's a natural born citizen

Unknown ground...

The Bungie explain the new ground they had to break in creating "Halo 3: ODST"

Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

When it's time to Marty, we will Marty HARD!

there's a killer piece over at interviewing

Martin "Marty", "the elder" O'Donnell


Michael Salvatori

the 2 guys that graced the world with the well known "Halo" franchise soundtrack. also, there are 2 samples of the soundtrack as well in the interview.

Speaking of the soundtrack, surprisingly, Bungie has completed the soundtrack to "Halo 3: ODST" in time to release it when the game drops on September 22nd. Pretty amazing in my book. So, make sure and order a copy of it today!

Awesome sign of thruth of the day

I've said this since 2008 - it would've been great to have a black president, just not Obama

Photo by Bob Parks on 9/12/09 in Washington D.C.

Saw that one on TV. Funny libs/Democrats don't want to recognize the truth..

Funny I've seen some videos that "try" to debunk that fact. I guess the venom is drilled so far and so deep into many black liberals mind that they refuse to acknowledge history and think it's eternally "opposite day"

wrong..get off the mental slave and victim mindset..

OOOOOOOOOOOO! those evil racist Republicans!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembrances of the day

(This first segment was written and produced shortly before the first anniversary of 9/11)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Race baiting of the day

from this bonehead - David Shuster (of MESSNBC)

you can call FOX News Channel "Faux News" or "racist" if you want..but I'll be damned if I ever see any of that on Fox News Channel

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kevin kicks ass in big D

Kevin Jackson, of the "The Blacksphere" website was recently down in August Texas at a TEA Party, and holy COW did he knock it out of the PARK!

Check out Kevin's website at

Monday, September 7, 2009

Prepare to Drop..

With "Halo 3: ODST" set to drop at Midnight on September 22nd, there's been 5 killer videos released lately. Most recently is the new "We Are ODST" live-action short

Here is another cut of it..

Make sure to know your team well..

Now if you pre-order from Gamestop..

also for pre-ordering you'll get a special edition wireless controller

click the graphic for a better look at the controller

Should be a pretty damn good time when it drops

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bob says "ENOUGH"

My favorite conservative writer & columnist, Bob Parks, has had enough with the liberal garbage that has happened since Obama's 2008 campaign and since he was sworn in on January 20th, 2009, albeit illegally, Bob says what needs to be said...

Head Niggaz In Charge

Enough signChris Rock not only said that black people can be some of the most racist in America, but he also said he loved black people and hated niggaz.

There comes a time when you’re tired of holding it in. There comes a time when you don’t care what people will think or say. There comes a time when someone has to say what many have to be thinking.

People in this country were sold a bill of goods on Barack Obama. We were all told he was this “post racial” candidate that would bring the nation together. We were told to give the man a chance to heal the ethnic divides in this country.

The problem is that from the beginning of his presidential candidacy (up to now), Barack Obama’s campaign and administration have gone the opposite of racial conciliation. The Head Niggaz are in charge and they’re not only an embarrassment to every self-respecting black person in America, but will close the doors for those who wish to follow him. Not because America is racist, but because her people will remember and may not be willing to go through this again.

As it would be racist to assume otherwise, we were all supposed to believe Obama when he said he never heard his pastor goddamn America, blame her for slavery and killing off the Indians, accuse her of killing innocents in Grenada, bombing black people in Panama, bombing Qaddafi’s house, Iraq, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, “and never batted an eye” in over 20 years of attending Reverend Wright’s church.

During the primary, it was Obama’s people and supporters who accused Hillary Clinton’s campaign of racism. Not because it was true, but because her campaign had momentum that needed to be stopped.

Barack Obama has a history of using technicalities to knock off opponents, thus avoiding the fair fight.

In his first race for office, seeking a state Senate seat on Chicago’s gritty South Side in 1996, Obama effectively used election rules to eliminate his Democratic competition.

Once Hillary was knocked off, he directed his supporters to push back anyone who disagreed with or doubted his “message”. Some came to this very website and others, not to engage in civil conversations about the issues, but to toss about accusations of racism just because we didn’t support Obama.

Liberals in the media, like CNN’s Rick Sanchez questioned the pride of three black men (and even felt comfortable asking them if they felt like “sellouts”) because they dared not vote for a black Democrat. Surely Barack Obama saw this, and since he chose not to discourage this brand of dialogue, it meant he probably found it rather entertaining and useful.

He sat back and watched supporters and their children sing spirituals to him. He allowed them idolize him.

Since becoming president, he and those in his administration have conducted themselves like lowlifes that just won the lottery and are flaunting their new-found wealth.

High school football coaches in sports tell their players not to celebrate too much in the end zone after a touchdown. Doing so only enrages the other team, and it’s best to act like you’ve been there before. Obviously, Barack Obama has never played organized football. He said nothing when his supporters took the streets on Election Night, celebrating in a gloated, Third World frenzy. He said nothing when George W. Bush was booed during the inauguration.

He killed a program that enabled blacks to escape failing public schools, while enrolling his daughters into one of our nation’s elite. His wife went to a food kitchen, wearing some rather ugly $500 sneakers, and to this day we’re supposed to be in awe of her couple dozen attendants.

I wonder how many black White House employees have they put out of work, just so they can say they don’t have black servants?

Obama not only bragged about having pizza flown in cross-country while people who lost jobs are on food stamps, but he flew the chef to the White House. He demanded a budget-busting stimulus bill be passed immediately because we were losing 50,000 jobs a day, then after it’s emergency passage on Capitol Hill, took a long Valentine’s Day weekend off (complete with a date night with the missus) before signing it.

Going by his math, that meant close to a quarter million people lost their jobs, but his good times and political theater was all that really mattered.

Since winning the election, he’s gone out of his way to remind us all who’s in charge. He scolds Americans who don’t see things his way. He has shown no humility since taking the oath. How many times can he tell us he’s the president?

As many times as he wants, because finally, THE MAN is black, and he wants us to make damn sure we know it.

Our fathers told us to do the best you can, and should you succeed, make sure you conduct yourself in a way that leaves the door open for others. Is America going to want to go through this again?

The next time a black man runs for president, are people going to want to see scenes of Black Panthers standing in front of polling places with clubs, intimidating whites from voting, knowing the next black attorney general will let them walk free… and he did.

The next time a black man runs for president, are people going to want a president who blindly sides with a loudmouthed professor, desiring of racial payback and a documentary deal, and falsely indict through the court of publicly a good police officer and his department?

The next time a black man runs for president, are people going to want to see video of someone he appoints to the Supreme Court solely because of her gender and ethnicity, casually advocate making law from the bench?

The next time a black man runs for president, are people going to want to see a man he appoints as a czar accuse white people of deliberately polluting the black community while video surfaces of him calling political opponents “assholes”?

The next time a black man runs for president, are people going to want to see him go to foreign nations and apologize for the “sins” of America’s past? The next time a black man runs for president, are people going to want someone whose first impulse as Commander-in-Chief is to abandon areas our soldiers have bled and died to liberate? The next time a black man runs for president, are people going to want to listen to him deny our national heritage and values?

The next time a black man runs for president, are people going to want other black politicians to follow his lead and blame everyone else for their misfortunes? After blaming others, should it be standard operating procedure to blame it all on racism?

The next time a black man runs for president, are people going to accept his national band of “organizers” who go out and publicly (and physically) intimidate anyone who dares oppose his initiatives? The next time a black man runs for president, are people going to want to sit back while he attempts to pay back whites for the pain blacks have endured in the past, even though most of those whites who have oppressed blacks are long since dead and gone?

Granted, America’s always had race issues, but they’ve never been this bad.

Anyone can be accused of racism at any time. Political dissent is no longer about issues, but now about how to shut people up and the race card is one the president and his administration doesn’t leave home without.

The Obama Administration is infested with angry black folk who are driven by a desire to pay whites back for the transgressions of their ancestors. Their white liberal supporters, who voted for him not because of his thin qualifications, but out of a sense of guilt, proudly excuse the ongoing slaps in the faces of Americans (whose only crime is to want the best for our country), and reject the ideology that’s brought the world more misery and death than any other.

Millions of Africans have died of malaria just so an environmentalist could feel good about herself. Millions of the very black children Barack Obama claims to care about have died at the hands of abortion doctors who follow an elitist, eugenics philosophy that awards those of prominence with life and condemns others deemed unfit to death.

And at the root are undisciplined, vengeful black people (and the whites using and directing them) who are hell-bent in destroying all that America was. Not to make her a better place, but to punish.

The President of the United States is supposed to be a steward of the office. The Obama Administration is full of people who have contempt, racial contempt, for this nation and all that made it great.

The next time a black person runs for president, he or she may be rejected. Not because of their positions, but because the people won’t want to take a chance of putting head niggaz in charge again. It’s not fair, but what will be their frame of reference?

Barack and Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, and the whites who first saw the color of their skin and ignored the content of their character.

and who was it that said "not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character"?
This was a killer read, and a definite shot of common sense aimed squarely at liberal bullshit, which is certainly needed these days

fun viral

3,676,396 views & counting..

pure awesomeness here

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Support Whole Foods

I love how the CEO of Whole Foods came out openly declaring his defiance to ObamaCare.

and it looks like a number of folks in Texas have his back

Reagan was definitely right about socialized medicine..

Recent Tea Party in Sacramento

So I went to first stop on the Tea Party Express

in Sacramento, California

Regardless of the 100 degree blasting heat, I had a blast

Here is some more perspective

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Super Tuesday

..and I don't know mean an election.

"Obama Celebrating Ramadan Tuesday"

Gee, I wonder why THAT is?

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