Friday, November 20, 2009

Fossett's Viewpoint

Alright, storytime folks.

I knew a great guy on youtube (with the last name of Fossett) that I had on my youtube friends list, who was black, and he did these periodic discussion/opinion videos that I definitely enjoyed, choosing to become a subscriber of his. They had a nice nod to the on screen graphics and music of the 70s or 80s news pieces. It was great, often posing questions like "do you think this administration is doing enough for (this group)?" or "Should Barack Obama be concerned with (this issue)?". I believe he did at least 5-6 videos before mysteriously closing his account. I still have a private message from him (it was a reply to my private message to him). His message, dated June 14th, 2009, said

"Obama was able to fool the feeble-minded Hollywood obsessed masses by using television to control and maintain his "rock star" image. He's so confident he's got a choke hold on the media that he pretty much made congress push back the analouge to digital conversion back to June, because he knows his control tool of choice (television) is crucial to him maintaining dominion over the foolish and uninformed. Meanwhile, as the TV news industry was already having hard times, many anticipated turning off their analouge transmitters in February, thus eliminating a large portion of the money they spent on power (because most TV stations had 2 different transmitters during the time). When Obama pushed the date back, this added a financial burden: incurring 4 extra months of expenses that were previously erased from the books in 2008 in anticipation of February 2009's shut-off.

Irony: While TV stations would have had extra money to hire more reporters, 4 extra months of operating an analouge transmitter actually forced some smaller stations to lay-off employees.

End result: After wasting millions of tax dollars on coupons and TV spots, millions woke up Friday morning with no TV service. The FCC has since received over ONE MILLION PHONE CALLS from idiots asking "Wurz my Wheel of Forchun??"

Sometimes I get paranoid of my youtube channel getting canned because I'm a Conservative Republican or other reason, that I wanted his intelligent words to live on, if something happened to my youtube channel. My question is..after creating a small number of interesting and engaging videos...why in the world would he have closed up shop, and where did he go for that matter??

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