Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Car crash

Hell of a way to start a morning, about 9:30am or so, in El Dorado Hills, California..

and it happened, say, less than 100 yards from my workplace/our property

the kid in a yellow shirt, shorts, and flip-flops

fell asleep at the wheel, busted up his van (or quite possibly his MOM's van, I believe I heard)

he slams into a Folsom Lake Toyota courtesy shuttle van

which slams into the car ahead of it

thus totaling the FRONT of it as well

injuring 1 man, nothing life threatening I imagine

and causing a back up on that side of the road

leaving plenty of clean up to be done..

yet the kid walks away injury free

How does THAT work?

we'll see if this becomes a story in the news in the coming days