Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tragic death

No,...not of a well known celebrity...of a regular British woman - 26 year old Kerrie Wooltorton.

Definitely a first of it's kind of case. After seeing her photo and reading the story about the tragic death of this gorgeous woman and her "living will", lamenting of being infertile, I can't help but look into her beautiful eyes and think of her weeping that she couldn't bear a child. Apparently the doctors that dealt with her after she intentionally poisoned herself with antifreeze, because of her depression regarding infertility, felt their hands were tied because she wrote a competent statement of her last wishes, not wanting to be saved.

I get to wondering if she'd ever considered adoption like so many people in the world do for many reasons. Couldn't that have brought her happiness?

This one definitely tugged on the heart strings. I don't have any direct experience with suicide in my family, but I definitely feel for the family of this young woman who was a little older than I am, and in the prime of her life

I just hope her soul finds peace..

Suicide was not the answer

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