Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Black Sphere

To those who still aren't aware of the concept of a Black Conservative (aside from 2 other guys I know of - Bob Parks & Alfonzo Rachel), I have 2 words for you..

Kevin Jackson

He's done great stuff. According to his bio..

"Kevin Jackson is the Regional Manager for a $16B IT consulting company, and owner of Jackson Business Strategies. Jackson is responsible for the West region in the Global Oracle Practice, and leads a team that delivers over $50M in sales annually.

Jackson was the sales manager for Hitachi Consulting for the Midwest region, based in St. Louis. His efforts in this role made the St. Louis office the most profitable Hitachi Consulting office, per capita, in the nation, and he was recognized as the Oracle Partner of the Year.

Jackson was the Vice-President of Sales & Marketing for M&A Technology, a Dallas-TX based computer manufacturer and systems integrator. He was instrumental in growing M&A Technology from $15.2M in 1996 to over $50M by 1998.

Jackson has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University, along with degrees in Computer Science and Math."

He also has a fantastic series called "Great Moments in Democrat Racist History", among other videos on his Youtube Channel

As successful and industrious as he is though, he's a great, incredibly down-to-earth guy.
Swing on by his Blog as well, and wrap your brain around some new concepts.

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