Thursday, March 1, 2012

A death in the Conservative family

Andrew Breitbart, noted conservative publisher and author, dead at 43

as my friend, Cris Alarcon, said

"In many ways he demonstrated that modern technology allows small journalists
to compete, and often out-compete, major news corporations. Called
everything from citizen journalist to muckrackers, today’s online publishers and
bloggers have reshaped the way information and opinions are shared. Gone
are the corporate gate-keepers that are being replaced as the consumers choses
from hundreds-of-thousands of sources. In large part the success of new
media is in its ability to connect with niche audiences. Sometimes called
hyper-local or hyper-niche markets. From the Huffington Post, to Drudge, to 
a series of his own web-based publication, Andrew Breitbart has lead the
way for many in both process and tenor. One of the best tributes to his work may be this Cato interview done with the editor of Big Government in 2009 called The New Muckrakers."

and my personal favorite tribute..

this is what Rush had to say

I always loved how he endorsed Chuck Devore back in 2010 for Senate

Rest in Peace, Noble Conservative Warrior. Thank you for your political service and may your legacy continue always