Monday, September 5, 2011

Fear monger of the day

Hoffa on Tea Party: 'Take These Son-of-a-Bitches Out'

how charming...

if the video below ever expires, you can always find it here

interesting how nobody on the left wanted to heed Obama's call for "civility" after the Arizona shooting in January, and still have not listened to "dear leader" [Obama]

Oh, and you gotta love how Hoffa says there is a "war on workers". Sorry no, there's no "war on workers". To me, being a republican, I'm disgusted with working CONDITIONS, like those in China, and everything else deplorable here at home. It may be a pipe-dream, but it would be nice if THOSE conditions were improved, and people wouldn't commit suicide due to workplace depression. If we can improve conditions in America where it's actually sub-standard, that will speak well of OUR country at least

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